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        My Approach

        On the day, the emotion of it all is what directs my lens. I’m not there to run through a shot list. I’m there to capture the moments you’ll miss simply because you’re living it: your grandfather wiping away a tear as you walk down the aisle; your Mum fixing her hair nervously; your brother’s baby interrupting your vows; the way you giggle when you look at each other and then look away shyly; the sky shifting colours as the evening fades and the dancefloor comes alive. All of it and more.

        It’s my aim to blend-in, to become part of the rhythm of the day as much as possible, so I can capture candid moments unobtrusively. I’m laid back by nature and try to make you feel at ease, even on what can be one of the craziest days of your life.

        When it comes to taking photos of you as a couple, there will be some direction, but nothing over the top – just enough to give you the confidence you need to be yourselves. After all, I want the honesty and truth of your relationship with each other to be recorded, not your relationship with the camera. I know this takes sensitivity and time. It’s my aim to inspire this kind of trust in you.